Eventech signed two contracts with ESA

Eventech in May 2020 signed two contracts with European Space Agency to further push the Timer performance and investigate its use in Space and New Space applications. 
First project is called “LSTM - LIDAR and altimetry Specialized Timing Module”.  The overall goal of the project is to develop Timer Engineering Model which meets the requirements of Planetary Altimeter HELENA . This project is carried out with the Portuguese Company EFACEC, who is responsible for the MAIT activities. It is planned that EM will be delivered to ESA in Q2 2021. 
Second project is called “SPATILIDAS - SPace TImer for LIDars and Autocorrelation Sensors”. The aim of the project is to assess, through evaluation, analysis & tests, the potential of Eventech Timer to act as Processor for a number of Space systems such as Autocorrelation sensors, Imaging  and Correlation Wind Lidars. It's planned to build systems which will be less complex to engineer and space qualify while provide similar performance at reduced system resources thanks to intelligent processing and optimized system concept.  Eventech is prime contractor of  this project together with Politecnico di Bari  (IT) and The Paradigm Factor (UK).

Eventech news

Eventech (LV) together with the partner The Paradigm Factor (UK) published article about Correlation Wind LiDAR with PMT Array Detector and Photon Counting. The CWL LiDAR technique with DSP processing has demonstrated that it can provide atmospheric winds, offering significant system simplifications in terms of Hardware, Software & Processing than a DWL. These preliminary results show that

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Last week Eventech (LV) in collaboration with The Paradigm Factor (UK) and Politecnico di Bari (IT) presented all final deliverables to European Space Agency and successfully closed the project. As Part of this project Eventech aimed to assess, through evaluation, analysis & tests, the potential of Eventech Event Timer (ET) to act as a Processor for many Space Sensors such as Wind / Imaging

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